Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Writing Reviews for BzzAgent -- You asked for it :)

As part of my challenge, one of you asked me about writing good reviews.  The particular example that was used, was bzzagent. (Go HERE to check out this site.  It's basically a product review site, but it's awesome, and even kind of fun.)

When writing your reviews, they basically grade you on how well it was, so I was asked about writing reviews, and how to get the best grade (exceptional review).  I will be absolutely honest, I write my reviews on that site, almost identical to the way that I write reviews here, and I always get a "good review" grade.  (which, incidentally is what the person asking me always got on theirs.), so unfortunately, I don't have a great answer about getting a better grade for them.  I will say, though, that when writing your review, there's a link that you can click that says "tips for a better review".  If you're looking to get better grades and scores through them,

But, the question was really how do I write reviews.  So, first of all, feel free to check out a few of my reviews.  But basically, first of all, I will always be honest in my reviews.  I am not ever going to tell you guys that the products that I'm trying are perfect if they aren't.  I will tell you the good things about it, and the not so good things as well.  I try to use the "compliment sandwich" if you will.  I will write a handful of positives, and then, I will write anything that I didn't particularly like about the products, and then the rest of whatever I like.  Now, I will say, also, that I always email the company I'm doing the review for before actually writing the review, to share with them the things that I don't like about the product. I want to make sure that I'm using the product correctly, and that for whatever reason, I'm not wrong about my negatives.  I learned to do this after posting a few reviews with negatives, only to have to edit them later after finding out that I had used the product incorrectly, and that's why it didn't work as well as I had thought.  (I always send the reviews to the companies after posting them, so I've been responded to with an explanation of what I was wrong about)

I also do a little bit of research beyond actually trying the product.  I find out where you can get the product, pricing, sizes, etc.  I also make sure to take note of their Facebook Twitter, and webpages.  I always conclude with these two things after my "compliment sandwich".

Also, I usually pull logos and images of the products off of their website if I'm able to obtain permission to do so (with copyright laws I cannot stress how important this is.), and then I place them in my post wherever they fit.

Now, as I've said, on BzzAgent, I've only ever gotten a "good review" on the reviews I've submitted to them, however, the companies that I do personally for my blog have always been satisfied and pleased with my reviews.

This has been another "you asked for it" post.  I am thoroughly enjoying this challenge. It's challenging me as a blogger, writer, and researcher, and I am loving this.  It also gives me another opportunity to hear from you all and see what it is that you would like to read about and see more of.  Please keep these requests coming.  I have already extended this through the week, and am thinking of making it longer (perhaps permenant?)  because I enjoy it so much (of course the sweepstakes involved will end on Friday).  So, PLEASE head HERE to tell me what YOU want me to write about next!!

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