Wednesday, May 23, 2012

68 Hours Since my Last Cigarette.....

And I am SO tempted.. My suggestion to you, is when you quit, make sure that you actually get rid of your cigarettes.  I didn't do that, so knowing that I have some sitting in my garage is making it hard for me at this moment.  But they've been there this whole time and I haven't had any yet.

I have been drinking my Quit Tea in the late afternoon and early evening, as it does, indeed make me tired.  It really does help with the cravings, but I can't be drowsy during the day while I'm taking care of my daughter and family.  So I wait until I can just relax for a while.  The first day I took it, I had my husband home with me all day so, when I drank three cups, and when I dozed off and on through the day he was here to pick up the slack.  It's still great, and I still really recommend it, but make sure that you either have some coffee after, or are doing it when you can just relax.  

I also believe that products like this affect people differently.  So I suggest that you try it.  It does exactly what it says it's going to, but the extent that it does for you might be different than it was for me.

I just had a big dinner though, and I don't have the opportunity to just relax just yet.. I am really tempted right now.  We'll see, this feeling will probably pass pretty soon... Until the next!


  1. Keep at it, you are doing great!

  2. It is so hard!!! Just want to say how impressed I am that you haven't smoked cigs that are sitting in your garage!! I will still bum a cig every a week or so, don't think I would have the will power to say NO to my own pack! lol I've been quit for over 60 days now and it does get better. Hope the tea continues to work for you. This may sound silly... but when I get an overwhelming craving... I do a few jumping jacks or pushups... then go brush my teeth. Breathing better and cleaner breath. LOL You can do this! =)

    1. I like that idea of jumping jacks and brushing your teeth. I think that might work for food cravings too! Going to try that one next time!

  3. Wow! Keep it up! You really do not have to worry about smoking because you can always resort to disposable cigarettes or electronic cigarettes. Best of luck. :)


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