Thursday, May 10, 2012

As Moms -- Why can't we all get along?

Why can't we all just get along? 

 I do a lot of reading on online forums and communities, mostly parenting sites, a few others.
 Places like this are such a wonderful resource, aren't they?  Not only are you reading, but you're talking to others about their experiences, and I have gained quite a bit of knowledge from things like this.  Like I said, I belong to a few parenting communities, and a bunch of bloggers communities as well, and not only are they helpful, but they give me an opportunity to meet others who have things in common with myself.  My husband is a member of a few different forums that meet his interests as well. 

On the parenting sites that I read, there is always so much drama in the midst of the helpful stuff that most of us are actually looking for.  Which brings me to my original question.   Why can't we all just get along?!  

One of the biggest arguments I see commonly is a stay at home vs work outside of the home parenting debate.  I really don't understand why this is something that is even arguable.  

I am a stay at home parent.  There are a lot of reasons for this.  My husband works overnight, he is gone for probably about 16 hours a day due to travel time, traffic, and 12 hour shifts.  He does make enough money to support us and pay our bills.  Him and I (and essentially, our daughter as well, as she'd be in childcare) would never see each other if I were to get a 9-5 somewhere.  I have brought up the possibility of me working a few different times when it seemed that money might be tighter than we would have liked, however, he has always declined, as he really enjoys having me at home.  This really just works so well with our family dynamic.  

That being said, in me personally, I have never completely lost a small want to work (which, in all honesty, is a small part of why I started this blog, and am hoping to get to a point where I am treating it like a job.), even though I absolutely LOVE caring for my family and my home.  I do give a lot ( just about all) of myself, and my whole lifestyle basically changed when we made this decision. I love this life, and we are blessed to have it.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  I know that each and every one of my family's needs is met, usually by myself, and I do truly love that.

I also fully grasp the fact that moms who work outside of the home are BUSY.  And that a lot of them  made the decision to work based on necessity, just like we decided it was necessary for me to stay at home.  

My point is, why are we arguing about something like this.  We all have different reasons for different aspects in our lives.  We are all doing what we feel is best for our families.  We all have similar goals in that we want happy, healthy and prosperous families, right?  Why can't we just leave it at that?!

Okay, vent over I guess.. I just hate seeing people tear each other down.  I wish we could all just be respectful of each others lives and decisions.

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