Wednesday, October 30, 2013

No Candy for You (If you're fat)

First, since most of you will probably be reading this several hours from now, let me start by saying Happy Halloween!

Now, I'm sure that a lot of you have heard, at this point, about the lady that's being blasted all over the internet right now, for stating that she will not give Halloween candy to children that she believes to be obese, or overweight.  Instead, she is providing them with a letter to take home to their parents.  I really want to know your thoughts, and am hoping that you'll share them in the comments.

For those of you who may not know what I'm talking about, there's a lady, who called in to one of her local radio stations, to let them know that she will be handing out normal candy to most children, but children that she thinks to be "moderately obese" will be receiving a letter to bring home to their parents.  She even provided them with a copy of her letter, which you can read here:

 photo no_candy_letter_640x480_20131030041549_640_480_zps8545bf00.jpg

Now, let me share my feelings on this, but first, know that these are the feelings of someone who was obese for the duration of my childhood, and, well, most of my adulthood.

Let's ignore for a second the spelling and grammar errors for starters.  I believe, probably more than most, that this is an issue that absolutely needs to be tackled.  Parents need to teach their children healthy habits.  However, it is not the neighbor's job to do so, and Halloween is not the right way to start doing this.

The way I'm picturing this going down is awful... "What a cute superman costume, here's a Snickers bar for you, and for you in the cat costume, you get a Reeses, now, for you in the cowboy costume, here's a letter for your mom and dad.  Make sure they get it, k?"  How embarrassing.

Luckily, I have embraced a far healthier lifestyle before my bad habits were able to affect my daughters health in a negative way, so she is of a normal weight.  But if she were overweight, both of us would feel badly about it, and this letter would undoubtedly do nothing more than make me extremely angry, and my daughter extremely self-conscious.  And don't for a second think that she would forget what house it came from, you would get a visit from me, and I probably wouldn't have pleasant things to say.

"It takes a village to raise a child".  I firmly believe this as well.  I really do, but I will only be part of a village that brings up our children and helps them thrive.  My village will never be one that tears down children.

Now, clearly, I disagree with this woman's sentiment and future actions.  And while we're looking at this letter, it may be an unpopular opinion, but to some extent, she is right.  We do have to be more focused on making our children healthy.  We do need to make sure that they're not overeating that Halloween candy, and we also need to change the sedentary nature of kids (and adults) in today's society.  I am not for a second going to discourage Halloween.  I will be out trick or treating with my family tomorrow, but I am saying that as parents, I do agree that we need to step up and make sure that we are being good examples, and good leaders for our children.  

Blood, Sweat & Cheers

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Get Fit with the Best Buy Jawbone UP!

 photo Capture_zps771c7e27.jpg

Are you working on trying to rid yourself of some extra pounds? You all know that I am, and have been for a while. Sometimes, we all need a little something to help. For me, I had gotten to the point where I was doing an excellent job at tracking my eating, I knew I was burning calories each time I work out, but I wanted an accurate way to track how many calories I was actually burning. I wanted to make sure that I was actually burning as many as I though, AND I needed to make sure that I was eating enough to fuel my body.

I am working with Best Buy to bring you all information on their new product that helps with just that. It's called the Jawbone UP. Not only does this tell me how many calories I'm burning, but it tells me SO much more!

Here are some things that Best Buy would like for you to know about their product:

Live Better. Start Now. Jawbone UP. Track your sleep activity, steps, calorie intake and more with the Jawbone UP wrist sensor and free mobile app. UP gives you meaningful, personalized insights so you can make lasting improvements to your everyday life.

UP is a system that takes a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle.
·         The wristband tracks your movement and sleep in the background.
·         The app displays your data, lets you add things like meals and mood, and delivers insights that keep you moving forward.

I can find out each day, how many steps I've taken, my sleep activity, the exact distance I've traveled and more! I just put it on like a watch, wear it, and then hook it up to my cell phone, and I get the low down on SO much of what my body is doing/has done for the day. I love that the app allows me to add in food, and really allows me to use this to fit my own personal weight loss journey.  It's easily accessible, and I can wear it for long periods of time, as it has a long battery life!  There are days when my workouts are so sporadic that I absolutely love this!  This is valued at $130.00, and, in my opinion, it's worth every penny.

Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Guess What I did -- Part 2~

Okay, so a handful of you guys read this post, I basically showed you a picture and asked you to guess what I did. There was a semi-correct guess.

I washed my husband's cell phone! In the washing machine!  I THOUGHT I had checked the pockets of his jeans, however, apparently I didn't check them well enough.

It's still in the rice, because the screen, while it works, is still not working as well as I'd like for it to. I'm hoping, praying, and crossing my fingers for a little extra luck, that after sitting there for a few more hours, it will function perfectly again.

The kicker... He is not yet aware that I have done this!

Have you ever done this? Were you able to get your cell phone working again?  If not with rice, how did you do it?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Guess what I did!

I figured we'd play a bit of a game.. Guess what I did. I am about to post a picture of a (hopefully, fingers crossed!) solution to a mistake I made earlier. Guess what my mistake was, and what I'm doing here, to fix it!

Let's play! Just for fun!

 photo 100_2930_zps7ded3d1d.jpg

Edited to add:  To find the answer, and see if you're right, click here!

Back to School Diet Pills?! -- NOT an ad.

This is NOT an advertisement of any sort, I am not selling diet pills, nor do I have any interest in selling, or really taking diet pills for that matter.  

Let me start by saying, I will be the first to admit, that, while retraining myself in my own eating habits, I took an African Mango supplement.  You can read about that here if you want.  I followed the directions, took it as directed, and stopped taking it after my appetite followed my own directions without wanting the extra help.  I am not going to sit here and tell you that all diet pills are horrible all of the time.  I do, however, indeed think, that most diet pills are not only not good, but in no way necessary most of the time. (I definitely COULD have done this, and my journey would have been just as successful up to this point without them.)

I mean, think about it, there are SO many chemicals in most of these pills.  So many chemicals that in various ways wreak havoc on your body.  Why else, would anyone ever voluntarily take a medication that's known to cause diarrhea in the best cases or even a heart attack in the worst?!  But I digress...

That's really not the point of this particular rant.  I have a friend on Facebook.  I like this girl, we used to work together and were fairly good friends.  However, I am seriously considering "unfriending" her, because she recently started selling a popular diet pill that's on the market right now.  Let me rephrase that.  I am not unfriending her because she's selling them.  I'm considering hitting that particular Facebook button because ALL she writes about on Facebook is how awesome this product is, and why we should buy it.  But that's not even what frustrated me the most.  

What annoyed me this morning.....

She's offering a "Back to School Special Sale" on this product.  

Now I've gone over the list for my daughter's school supplies time and time again.  I could probably recite it from memory..  Diet pills are not on there.  If diet pills were on that list, my child would be attending a different school.  It is an annoyance to me, to see anything related to diet, weight loss, or anything unhealthy being affiliated with Back to School, because then I see it being affiliated with children. If you read this post, a letter to my daughter, you know that I don't want her to be bothered with things like this.  I don't want her to live in a world where to feel like she fits in, or is worth something, while getting an education, that she has to also be fit and attractive (which diet pills, while they may or may not help you take a few pounds off, will NOT make you fit.)  Her fitness, her exercise is going to be recess.  Getting out there and running and playing.  Jumping and dancing.  Those are the things that will keep her fit right now.  That and the healthy diet that I feed her.  Neither of those things are associated with weight loss for her because she doesn't need to worry about that.  Kids, as long as they get a good opportunity to play, and are fed appropriately, will and should never have to worry about that.  The day that diet pills are given to kids for any reason is a day that I will truly feel sad for our society.