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Homemade Cake Pops! - Guest Post

I am so blessed to be a part of a wonderful group of bloggers.  As I wrote yesterday, I've been feeling really sick.  You know the drill, kids catch something, then mom gets it.  Well, not being able to think straight, but still wanting some content going into my blog, I reached out for help, and here's another guest post from a wonderful blogger who loves cooking with her children (as you can read about in this post and many others on her blog!)

Homemade Cake Pops (no fancy tools needed!)

I love coming up with new stuff to do with my kids, and we love baking and all things sweet! We were on a Jolly Rancher Sucker kick awhile back (and I blogged about it, with some great pictures before they were devoured! You can find it here: but we recently decided we needed a different taste, so we went back to a tried and true recipe for cake pops.

Cake Pops is, quite simply, balls of cake on sticks. They sell a fancy cake pop maker, which would be nice to have but I'm cheap. So, a couple of years ago I decided to work on a way to make cake pops easier. Fair warning, this is a MESSY recipe, at least around my house, so grab your apron and kitchen towel before getting started!

Cake Pops:
Ingredients Needed:
Cake Mix (whichever you have the taste for)
Lollipop sticks (Available in cake decorating supply sections)
Tub of Buttercream Frosting (this is can be substituted for a different flavor, but I have found that Buttercream works great with almost all flavors of cake)
Large mixing bowl
Medium mixing bowl
Cake baking Pan (I use 13x9 but you can use whatever you choose)

Optional (for dipping)
Candy Melts (Available in cake decorating supply sections)

1. Mix cake mix in medium bowl according to directions on box. Place in pan and bake according to decorations. Then allow to cool (you can leave it in the pan to cool. It doesn't matter if it sticks as you will be crumbling it in the next step)

2. Place your cooled cake in the large mixing bowl. Crumble it completely. Once you have finished crumbling the cake, add Butter cream frosting (NOTE: I generally add 1/2 the tub, mix it in, and if not moist, I add more and mix until all cake is moist and "sticky".

3. Grab small hand fulls of cake mix and pack it together in "ball" shapes. Do however large or small you wish. As you ball them together, add a stick and sit to the side.

At this point your cake pops are officially done! You can eat them like this (and they're quite tasty) or get really rich with them and dip them! To do that, first place your cake pops in the freezer for about 15-30 minutes to set up better! Then grab your candy melts and throw some in another bowl. Place in the microwave to melt. I heat mine 30 seconds at a time and then stir. When they are smooth, add a little milk to thin it out and stir again. Then dip the cake pops (use your spoon to help cover them) and sit on Wax paper to set. Voila! Yummy cake pops, no expensive equipment required!

 You can also get creative with the cake pops. I've made them with butter pecan cake mix, and mixed in crushed pecans! You really can't go wrong with these in my opinion! I hope y'all enjoy them as much as WE do!

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  1. Cake pops are most likely one of the finest innovations in the bakery industry. The reasons for its popularity are the taste, and how easy it is to make. What a great way for kids and parents to do something together.


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