Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Recent Words of Wisdom -- Blogging Challenge

Before moving to where I live now, I attended a wonderful church with a lot of wonderful women who I still consider to be dear friends. There were a few who I spoke to often and frequently went to for advice. One of them told me something a while ago, that, as a mother of a young child, really stuck with me. I really think of this particular piece of advice often.

I can't tell you what we were talking about, because I honestly don't remember, but what she told me, is to always make sure that you start instilling ALL of your values in your children at a young age.  If they're old enough to understand what you're saying, say it to them.  Things like, obviously our religion and beliefs, but also simple things, like how conservative we want them to dress, what kind of people she should date, and things like that.  When she talks about getting married, I always make sure to tell her things like "someday, boys are going to want to date you, and when you're old enough, dating will be fun, but when you're with a boy, if he doesn't treat you as well as daddy treats you and mommy, then he won't be your prince" (she's really into princes and princesses and so we talk about those stories a lot and she talks about her "prince" and it sparks these conversations.  I also think about this when we're shopping for clothes, choosing what to buy and then what to wear.

Basically when she's older, and entering her difficult teenage years, I want certain things to already be instilled in her. She's going to know what she shouldn't be wearing, the things she can expect in a relationship; but we're also instilling in her a great self esteem, which I think it so important at a young age also.  I let her know everything that we love about her.

This is my two cents and the way that we're raising our daughter in these early beginning stages.  


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  1. I agree, I think that it is good to instill this in the minds of our kids when they are young.


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