Sunday, July 29, 2012

Almondina Review

I am someone who has a MAJOR sweet tooth. It is one of my biggest downfalls when it comes to trying to lose weight.

I am fond of cookies and snacks, but I really do want to control my snacking. This is part of the reason that I was really excited to hear about a company called Almondina, which makes delicious cookies, that have no added fat, low salt and low calories.  I also feel that it's worth mentioning, that these cookies are all natural as well, which is an added bonus! Have I mentioned yet, that they're delicious?!

They come in a lot of different flavors, and like anything else, I obviously liked some more than others, but the ones that I like, I REALLY like!  They're really crunchy, and if you're someone like me, when you enjoy eating and sometimes do it too much.  The fact that they're so crunchy and incredibly flavorful helps me to feel much more satisfied after eating only a few of them (the serving size for most of them is 4 cookies, and after eating that many I feel like I've had a completely satisfying snack!)  I even had them for breakfast one morning because they are WONDERFUL with coffee!!

So, what are they, exactly, you're probably asking.  They're thin, wafer like cookies that come in various flavors, all containing almonds.  This company was started by a man who was simply inspired by a recipe that his grandmother left behind.  It was the recipe for these cookies, and it was something that he was able to look back on fondly as being something that his whole family enjoyed.  He took her recipe, and ran with it building a successful company, and sharing her delicious cookies, as well as her legacy. 

For review, I received the sampler pack which can be found here, but after looking at their website, I've decided that I might have to do some shopping for more, for two reasons.  One, I know that there are a few varieties that I want to try, and two, because they have some that I haven't tried yet (like chocolate dipped.  I mean, how delicious does that sound?!)

Be on the lookout tomorrow morning, because I will be offering a GIVEAWAY of the same sampler pack that I received.  You are guaranteed to find something within that you will like, so be on the lookout tomorrow morning!

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  1. These sound yummy! =)

  2. I too am working on losing weight so these sound great!!

  3. I'm always looking for new things to pair with my coffee. Great review

  4. I think that these healthy cookies called Almondina are a great product that I would like to try! I like having healthy breakfast bars with my coffee in the morning and I bet that these would be so delicious to have!

  5. I am excited for these. I love biscotti but they are high in fat and calories. I will be on the lookout for these at the store! Hopefully I find them :) Thanks for this great review and bringing these to our attention!

  6. Almondina cookies sound delish! Now I've got a serous hankering for cookies! I sure hope I run across these at the grocery!

  7. Oh healthy, low fat and yummy what else could I ask for. Thanks for sharing great review.

  8. This is a great review. I really like how you describe the cookies which makes your mouth water and lets me know that they are healthy at the same time!
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