Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blog Feature -- Conversations with Carolyn!

Conversations With Carolyn

I'm a Christian stay at home wife and I'll be sharing eclectic conversations!

I have a couple of chronic illnesses that are invisible. One is FIBROMYALGIA. I will be sharing about this with all of you and sharing support material for fellow fibro's and their loved ones. I also have osteoporosis, degenerative disc disease and scoliosis. So it's difficult to write every day or really know which days will be good or bad for me for blogging.

Another is HEALTH and RECIPES. I love to cook! I'll be sharing my own recipes, the recipes of others and you can feel free to share recipes of your own.

I'll also be doing PRODUCT and BOOK REVIEWING. I might not always be able to offer a giveaway with a review but from time to time I will. Please feel free to comment on my reviews and I will do my best to offer the link of the most affordable place to find the book besides your public library.

I love sharing about God and my faith in Him! These will be discussions on my blog as well.

I'm from Southern California and live at the beach with my husband and dog. She's another captivating subject on this blog. We love our easy going life and love to share about it.

My step children (Edwin and Michael) are grown young men and live in Texas. They are both in the food and gaming industry.

Check out this awesome blog here!

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