Sunday, July 8, 2012

3 Things I am proud of About My Personality

Writing about myself, particularly the good things is always a challenge for me, and since I'm doing a "challenge" this is probably actually good for me to do.

I love that I feel like, most of the time, I am really loving. I truly love with my whole heart.  If I love you, I will tell you, and if I tell you, then I truly love you with my whole heart.  I will give everything I possibly can for those I love.  I believe in truly serving those I love.  Not in the wait on you hand and foot serve, but doing nice things just because I love you and genuinely want you to be happy.  I really think that my husband and daughter can and will attest to this, and so can family who come to visit.

I really think that I give great advice, and I feel that this really comes from my willingness to really listen and make sure I fully understand a situation.  I do my research and make sure I know what advice I'm given, but more than that, my advice is truly coming from my heart. I am advising the exact thing that I would do in a particular situation.  I have always really felt great when I've been able to give advice, and that's why my latest addition to my blog is going to be an advice column so to speak.  I would really honestly love it if my readers took advantage of the fact that I really want to do this.

I am also very socially adaptable.  I feel like I am able to really fit myself in to various groups of people without a lot of discomfort.  I get along with all sorts of people.  I make jokes and can easily fit into nearly any conversation that I'm invited into.  I make friends fairly easily and I really don't hold any prejudices whatsoever.  I form my own opinion on people and situations and as a result, I have met so many wonderful people throughout my lifetime.

Those are the first three things that came to mind that I really genuinely like myself.

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