Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Entertain Like a Texas Gentleman - Cookbook review!

This afternoon, I am reviewing a book called  Entertain Like A Texas Gentleman for you all.

This cookbook, while not what I expected to receive after reading the title, was still a very interesting cookbook.  I was really expecting (and I truly apologize if this sounds in any way stereotypical, I really don't mean for it to, but this was just my honest expectation) a book with recipes for rubs, barbecues, good burgers, steaks, and things like that.  Things that I picture more men cooking.

When I made that assumption, I was really not taking into account, however, that this was a book for entertaining, and while barbecues are entertaining (I mean, that's one of our favorite ways to entertain here in my house, or, should I say, yard), this book takes me in a different direction with recipes for things like appetizers, cocktails, desserts, salads and entrees.  A lot of them are fancier than anything I have ever tried to cook, and, to be really honest, are things that my husband would never attempt (I guess hence the reason that barbecuing is our favorite way to invite someone over for dinner).

One thing that this book did for me, was it gave me some great ideas for next time we do want to have someone over for dinner.  The writer of this book, David Harap, is a professional chef, and he has taken some American cuisine and combined it with foods you might enjoy if you were to travel internationally with recipes like "miniature crab corn cakes with chive caper sauce".

Another thing that I really enjoy about this book is the fact that there's such a wide variety of recipes, and a lot of different chapters including everything from "romantic dinners" to "it's too d__n hot to cook".  There's also a chapter called "Cooking with Kiddos", which I haven't been able to really try, because my daughter's not yet four, and I felt that the recipes were just a little advanced for her age, but this would make for a great father, child project for slightly older children, with recipes like "super crunchy fish sticks" and "mac and cheese".

I do recommend the book to those who are interested in some of the recipes and chapters that I mentioned above.  There really is more to the book also, but I obviously don't want to give too much away.

Please check out his site here, to find out more about this chef and his book!

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  1. Great review! It is something about the men and their grills. A combo that most men enjoy. :) Thanks for sharing. I will check out the site!

  2. Some of the chapter titles sound really fun. I'm not much of a cook, but I love to entertain. Nothing quite like having a bunch of friends over to eat some delicious food!


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