Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blog Feature -- Pynk Nymphette

My website is dedicated to finding the fabulous in life. I share everything I love with my readers through writing & photography.

Pynk Nymphette is a name I created as a throw back to a time when people surfed the internet with screen names. Pink is my favorite color & a Nymphet is a mischievous mythological creature, most people know them as faeries.

When I log in as Pynk Nymphette I become the fabulous Giveaway Faery! Pynk flies freebies & prizes to your mailbox. She also offers delicious recipes, networking for fellow bloggers, beauty/fashion tips & chats about entertainment.

The website design itself is also a throw back. It contains old school images & style & is all hand coded HTML. This site was lovingly scripted by my fantastic husband, who has been coding since the early 90s.

Offline time is spent creating luxury cosmetics for our small business, Lovers of Anything Fabulous. It is a job that we love to do & we use all of the products that we create! Sugar scrubs, bath bombs, candles, massage oils & wax tarts are just a few things we use on a daily basis & offer in our shop.

My other hobbies include video games, picnics, going to the beach, reading, mixology & taking care of my Robo hamster Persephone.

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