Thursday, July 26, 2012

Grocery Delivery from!

Have you ever dreaded the thought of grocery shopping? Having to get all of the kids in the car, bring them to the store, and scour the aisles for the products and prices that you're looking for? I know I have.

Do you have a child away at college? Does it make you cringe to think that they might possibly be living on Ramen Noodles and take out?

Do you have an older parent, a sick relative or friend who might be in need of groceries, but unable to go get some by themselves?

Recently, a website was brought to my attention that can alleviate each and every single one of these stresses!  As moms, we have enough stress, and things to worry about, right?  It's a site called and they offer everything from grocery delivery to pet supplies and more in between!

With moms, and really, women in general, being so busy today, this is really a great service for the modern woman!

I have used services from grocery stores that offer grocery delivery, but this is so much different.  When using this service, you are not limited to just one store, and their products. When you place an order for delivery (which can be same day delivery with convenient hourly windows, as late as 9 pm and even on weekends!) an actual person is handpicking exactly what you are looking for, and then it is either made available for you to pick up (they have partnered with Kmart, so that if you need your order even faster, they will do the shopping for you, and you pull into one of their designated Kmart stores, to their curbside pickup location, and a mygofer will bring your order right to you!) or will be delivered within hours to your home!

For those of us who love saving money, they also have ways to do that, such as clearance sales, and a rewards program called Shop Your Way Rewards!

I also mentioned before, about how this is a great service for moms who want to help their college students with groceries (I know my mom would have absolutely LOVED to be able to do this when I was in school!)  Below, I'm posting what they say on their blog about this very subject!

Campus Delivery

Disclaimer: I received compensation from for the above post.  My opinions are always my own. The Mom Show is not responsible for any service provided by

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  1. Thats really cool, I wonder if its available in my area. It would be cool to use it when I am sick or don't want to leave the house.


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