Friday, July 13, 2012

Blog Feature -- The Steady Hand Store

My name is Aprile and I am the hands behind The Steady Hand Store & Blog. I am a SAHM to my beautiful daughter, Abby. I currently live in Fort Worth, TX with my Husband, Daughter and family dog – Scruffy.

All my products are made by me in my craft room where no one else is allowed to go…although my daughter manages to sneak in here every now and then to wrap herself with some yarn.

 Being a thrifty mom as well, I buy most of my supplies on sale and/or with coupons that way I can pass my savings to other mom’s looking for affordable items. All the items I make are made with a lot of time, patience and love. If something does not come out the way I like it, I do it again and again until I am satisfied. So you can be sure whatever you buy from me is a high quality handcrafted item.
I make many different items from hats and scarves to toddler outfits and slippers. I like to constantly try new patterns and yarns always finding ways to better my craft.
Recently, I delved into the blogging world and have also now become a blogging mama! You can find pretty much everything on my blog from posts about my life, my daughter and our experiences to posts about my crafts, free patterns and great craft sites. I also share great deals I find, post reviews of products or places that I have tried and I have giveaways of my own items or sponsored items.
My website, The Steady Hand Store, where all my items are sold and everything is ready to ship now!
Other links you can find me:
The Steady Hand Facebook Page
The Steady Hand Etsy Store
The Steady Hand on Twitter
The Steady Hand Blog

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