Monday, July 16, 2012

Blog Feature -- Gluten Free for Jen

Gluten Free For Jen
About me: I am a mother of 2 who left the corporate world last year to stay home with my kids. We love to spend time outdoors, love to camp and love history so we have combined the two and do Civil War Reenacting as well. With owning 3 horses we like to go out to the farm and ride and just spend time out there. I am very big on photography and hope that some day after more lessons and learning more about the tricks of the trade I hope to open up a studio. We recently had a big life change in the fact my husband has taken on a career in Law Enforcement- so now our schedules are never set in stone with him, no set work hours and lots of humerous stories come out of the deal!
About Gluten Free for Jen- In May 2011 I found out that my daughter and I have gluten intolerance. There were so many recipes that were budget friendly that we loved and gluten free foods are expensive. So I set out to make our favorite recipes in a gluten from that still tasted great and was good on the budget. In December of 2011 while my husband was out of town training for his new career I decided to start sharing my recipes and my adventures. I created Gluten Free for Jen in hopes to spread awareness of Gluten Intolerance and Celiac (which my sister has) as well as to share our crazy adventures, recipes, and our favorite products!

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