Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Big Storm/Power Outage

Our Experience with the Big Storm, and Our Power Loss

If you're not living near where I live, and weren't affected by the storm on Friday night, surely you've heard about it on the news or the Weather Channel. 

If you haven't, I will tell you just a small bit about it.  There was a huge thunderstorm that rolled through our area in a big way.  The rain wasn't devastating, but the 80 MPH winds were for some people.  On Saturday morning, my neighbor and I drove around and saw great amounts of damage for some homes.  A great amount of trees fell in this storm, some completely came up from their roots before falling down.  We saw at least one home that had severe damage from one of these large trees falling into it.  I am still praying for that family, in hopes that no one was in the rooms that were taken out by this tree, and that they are able to repair quickly and easily. 

Seeing the homes with damage really got me thinking a lot. Of course I feel for all of them.  It made me worry more about my own home and family.  This storm was pretty unpredictable.  I am a first time home owner, and the thought of having to rebuild some or all of my home is really scary!  Your home is somewhere you feel comfortable, safe, reassured, and away from everything in the outside world.    Having something bad happen to your home can be really devastating, and it's a thought that scares me!

We did lose power.  We were very fortunate actually, to have only lost it for 24 hours.  I believe, that there are still families waiting for their power to be restored. 

The past several days have come with temperatures of over 95 degrees, and a heat index of well over 100, so living without AC for the short amount of time that we had to was really quite unbearable.  That was really not even the worst part!  Our home has a well, which, if you have one also, you know that no power is equivalent to also having no water.  No drinking water, no washing dishes, no showers, and no flushing toilets.  We weren't sure when we were going to regain our power, but we got to the point, where if it was going to be any longer, we would have spent at least one night in a hotel for working showers and toilets.

Fortunately for us, it didn't come down to this, but for many, it probably did.  Cool Shelters, and other places with electricity (and food) became very popular in our town very quickly.  If you are still effected by this storm (or any other storm, or the fires in Colorado), I am concerned and praying for you. You have my thoughts.

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  1. The weather has been crazy lately here in flordia


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