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I can't believe that I never put an "About Me" page on my blog.  (I am really a pretty open book on the site, so I guess I just never thought an additional page was necessary, but, I have been asked for it, so here goes!)

My name is April.  I am a 30 years old.  I am a married, soon to be ex-business owner and stay at home mom.

I am married to a wonderful, loving, hard working, sensitive, strong and handsome man named Andrew.  He is my absolute true love, and definitely the one God wanted me to be with!  He must, he has seen us through a lot and kept us just as strong and in love as ever. 

I have an seven year old daughter who is smart, funny and kind.  She absolutely loves making people smile and laugh, and will go to great lengths to accomplish just that.   My child is also so very sensitive.  She loves learning, reading, exploring, laughing, playing and snuggling, and she is proof, that love can create something very, truly beautiful.

I am a Christian. a Baptist, to be more specific.  I believe that Jesus died on the cross to save me and all who believe from our sins.  I am very firm in my faith, and welcome debate, but will never change my mind or my heart. I would never disown my husband or child because someone thought that I should. I feel the same way about God.

I started this blog for numerous reasons.  First and foremost, I initially started it for me.  I had just moved to a new place, and didn't know a lot of people.  This gives me an outlet for adult conversation and interaction (which is one of the reason I am constantly encouraging interaction and participation!  I love hearing all of what each of my readers have to say!). I figured that surely, I'm not the only mom who would love to be able to relate with others on occasion.

A lot of moms can surely relate, also, to the fact, that I was really getting to a point, where I felt like everything I did, and essentially, my very being, was really revolving around my family and home.  Don't get me wrong, I do believe that this is the way it's supposed to be, however, I found myself doing NOTHING that wasn't directly related to my own family and life.  This was a great way to change that for me.  Since starting this site, and writing this, so much has happened.  There is a blog post about that.

So, I started it for me, but I also started The Mom Show for all of the moms out there who just wanted someone to relate to.  Something that they could read at the end of the day and, maybe, once or twice say to yourself "I feel the same way, this person gets me!"  If I can relate to just one of you through any of my posts, then I feel like I've done what I am setting out to do.


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    Warm Regards,

    1. I apologize that I didn't see this until today. Please use the contact tab at the bottom of my page, or email me at april.wheelis@gmail.com and we can discuss this further! :)


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