Friday, March 30, 2012

We need to love ourselves.

I wanted to take the time to send kind of a personal message to all of you, from me. As moms, as women, as people, sometimes it's so easy to get so wrapped up in taking care of and loving everyone else, making sure all of their needs are met, and making them feel loved that we neglect someone very important, and that's ourselves. I am SO guilty of this.

These past couple of days, I have come to the realization in my own life, that my low self-esteem is my biggest problem. It is far worse than any of the things causing it, to the point of getting myself into trouble sometimes. My husband tells me all the time how beautiful he thinks I am, and yet, when I'm looking in the mirror, stepping on the scale, or just having a bad day, that is not what I'm telling myself. Are you guilty of this?

When my daughter gets into trouble, I am always using phrases like "you're so smart, that's how I know that you know better than this (I say this when I know that she really does know better), or "you're such a sweet girl, I know it and I see it, now why don't you share your toys so that others can see how nice you are like I do".. I want to make sure that even when my daughter isn't behaving the way she should, that she still knows that she is a wonderful girl. She still feels good about herself. When she's over tired, or grouchy, I tell her "you're really pretty even when you're sad, but when you're smiling you're beautiful."

I always make sure to show and tell my husband that I love him, that he's handsome and sexy to me, and that I appreciate how he goes to work every day to earn a living for us, when he does yard work and makes it beautiful outside, when he makes me feel loved, when he's being a great dad, everything.

When it comes to me, I'm noticing my flaws, and the things that I haven't accomplished yet that day that I need to, and the things I should have said that I didn't.

You all probably do a lot of the same things, build up your children and spouse/significant others, get everything done, and make sure everyone is happy. But my question for you, is what are you doing for yourselves? What are you doing to make sure that you're happy and taken care of? Are you reminding yourselves of the people that love and care about you, and how important everything you're doing is? When you do your hair and make up, are you doing it for everyone else? Or are you doing it for you? These are all questions that I have asked myself over these past couple of days, and I'm guilty of having the wrong answer to every one of them. When I look in the mirror, I see fat that shouldn't be there, blemishes on my face, and then my eyes always go to the one patch of hair where there are more grays than I would prefer (if I can see it, but if not, I'm noticing my frumpy bun that covers it up back there).

My challenge to you, is to look at how you feel about yourself, and do whatever you can to make sure that you're seeing in you, what everyone who loves you sees. (And once you truly figure out how to see all of the wonderful things about you, come back here and let me know how you did it! Because this is a challenge I have been facing for just about always.)

Final thought: This blog is something that I've really started tackling head on, in part because it is something that I wanted to do for myself. This, in a way, is a small bit of "me time" that I am spending with you all every day. I appreciate all of you for reading, and I genuinely hope that you all love yourselves. This post was in part inspired by one of the facebook comments that I received on my page about how moms really need other adults to talk to. She was so right, we all need people to talk to and relate to. That's part of the reason that, in between giveaways, and links, I will "talk" to all of you. Because this is especially true for those of us who stay at home with our children all day. And if you are one of those moms who really needs more adults to talk to, I would LOVE to see more interaction over on facebook, ( I will do my best to personally answer comments and posts there when I can. I hope you all have a wonderful night!

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How is your day going?

My daughter was BEGGING me to do a "project" all morning, so finally I pulled out my bag of craft supplies, and I got out three pipe cleaners. that's it, (well, I pulled them all out and had her choose three colors)

We braided the three pipe cleaners, and then put them together at the ends around her wrist. Quick and easy project.

If you're looking for craft ideas for your children, I suggest starting with some pipe cleaners. There are TONS of things you can do with them!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Now I want Brownies!!

I just saw this offer for a FREE brownie recipe e-book, and now I want some brownies.. About to download, and then off to the kitchen I go!

Another giveaway coming up!

There's another giveaway from someone else that I want to share with you that's coming up soon, so I'm letting you know now!

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Pet prescription plan!!

I didn't know such a thing existed so I figured I'd share this with you. Flea medications, worms and other ailments, can get expensive for our pets! I had never seen a pet prescription plan before. I will use this, hopefully there's someone out there that can use this as well!

My daughter is so cute!

Probably boring to all of you, but my daughter decided that she wanted to draw a picture.. she decided that she was going to make a family of circles.. I thought that was a cute idea, so I said go for it, and I was taken by surprise at her detail.. (not in the circles themselves, but her thoughts behind them) there was a mommy circle, a daddy circle, an "uncle jon" circle, an uncie circle, auntie circle, a couple of cousin circles.. grandma, papa, mimi, other papa.. I just thought it was so cool.

Like I said.. boring post, but I just wanted to share..

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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ok, so just one more thing before I'm all done for the night! I just wanted to make sure I share this new giveaway from Sweet Pea Savings!

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hmm... think I'm gonna craft with my little one

Hmm.. today, I think I'm going to do what I like to call a "pot luck craft" with my little one.. I'm basically going to go through all I have in my arsenal of crafting supplies and take a little bit of all I have and we're going to create.....something.. should be interesting! And fun, I highly recommend it.. the things kids (even really young ones) can come up with using their own creativity amazes me sometimes..

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Free Baby Magazines!!!

Good morning!! I hope you're all having a GREAT day!! I read both of these magazines when my daughter was really young.. and I still order them whenever they're free now (I still do read through them, and then, magazines are GREAT to use for collage stuff after they're read.)

American Baby is published by Parents Magazine. I started reading this while I was still pregnant, as someone surprised me with a subscription. I think it's awesome that high quality magazines like these are offered for free!

This is another one that I started reading while I was pregnant and usually get again whenever my subscription runs out. Just a word to the wise, however, don't pay to renew these subscriptions, you may want to, but they offer free subscriptions frequently.

2:30 am...

Quick question... Technically... if I am still up at 2:30 AM... would I be considered a night owl or an early bird?? Inquiring minds (mainly mine..) would like to know.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Canvas print-- Just pay shipping! These are AWESOME

I took a picture of my husband and daughter that he loves, and made one of these last year with this same deal. (It only cost $15 for shipping! The 8x10s normally sell for around $50 +shipping) and he LOVED it. They really do great work.

You can choose to take the free 8x10, or they will take $35 off of any size print. Don't miss this deal, these make AWESOME gifts.

Bad dreams!!

My daughter hit the age not too long ago, where she has started to have bad dreams at night, and has found a fear of monsters... It kills me when my child wakes up in the middle of the night of nap crying because she's afraid. It makes me feel terrible!!

So.. I decided that when this happens, it's time to empower her, and make her feel brave, and help her realize that there's nothing to be afraid of. I calm her down, while explaining what dreams are and how they're not real. Then, the fun part. I have her kind of "yell" at her dreams a little bit. Telling them she doesn't want them in her room anymore. It sounds silly, and it is.. silly enough that it gets the stress of the dream out, and has her giggling instead. Then, I have her say a few times that her room is a safe place, and a happy place.

Like I said, I know it seems silly.... but it works for us.

Bloom/Food Lion

The Bloom store near where I live is soon changing to Food Lion. I have heard that this is true of a lot or maybe all (?) of them.. I just wanted to throw it out there, that because of this, I have found some REALLY great deals in my local store. I have gotten a lot of free things lately. Noodles, snacks, chips, etc. Meat and produce haven't been on sale because they're just slowly switching them to Food Lion brands, but other things are extremely cheap.. Check it out!

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