Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hit over 50 likes!

I know this is a teeny tiny milestone, but I am at 55 likes now on facebook, and just starting out, I was so excited. I know a lot of people came from Sweet Pea Savings, as she asked. I just hope that you all enjoy reading and that you'll stay to hear what I have to say or share with you next!! For those of you who haven't seen her yet, please check out She has a TON of savings, and she does some really great giveaways also. She's also teaching me a lot as I begin this venture.

Again, thank you all for reading! I think that I am probably going to be done tonight (or not, never know..) but I will be back in the morning :) Have a great day!

Also, I just really want to remind you all of the deal I posted here:

With Mothers Day and then Fathers day, these seriously make the BEST gifts.

Also, don't forget my coupon giveaway! About another day left on that, so please go check it out. Look out for more giveaways also

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