Saturday, March 24, 2012

Determined to grow this blog! (plus a rant at the end)

Thank you to all of you who have entered the giveaway. I will post the winner in a blog post on Monday in the late morning or early afternoon! (see the prior post to enter!)

I hope you all will follow my blog and tell your friends. Sometime in the next couple of days, I am going to create The Mom Show pages on Facebook and Twitter. I know this is really a generic blog about my life as a mother. But I really think that we all face a lot of the same issues (there will be a rant at the end of this blog about one today!) and triumphs. I will start posting more as well. If there's anything that you want to read about please comment and let me know. I love writing, and will look forward to any requests that you have.

Now for a little rant from my day:

If you're a mom, have a mom for a friend, or have ever spoken to a mom, you know that we all have frustrating days sometimes.. Today was one of those days for me.

I love my child, but being a human, sometimes she has bad days too. Today was one of those for her. My daughter is only three, and she is my only child, so things like coping with a grouchy child is something that I'm still learning to do. She was a total grouch, didn't want to listen.. If you can think of an issue that can arise when shopping with a child, it happened with us.

I do a lot of shopping with coupons, so if I buy cookies or snacks, they always come with a coupon, but that's not something that a 3 year old really understands. I also have found that lately my daughter has had a trouble with chocolate (I'm not really sure what, but there were about 4-5 days that she had some really unfavorable digestive issues and stomach troubles almost immediately after eating chocolate. I'm trying to completely cut it out of her diet for a while (It's not like she eats it all the time, but we had vacation, and a birthday over those few days.) But anyway, combine those two things, and she was hearing "no, we're not getting that today" a lot.

We had a conversation about her acting out, and I thought that once we came home, things were going to be better.. But the same attitude that hit once we entered the store continued once again when we came home. I had to cook dinner (we have a late lunch as a family instead of a regular nightly dinner because my husband works overnight.) And the fact that I wasn't playing with her and she didn't want to go into our family room by herself, was frustrating to her (and inevitably to me as well)

She's napping now, and I am grateful for that!

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