Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sneaking Cookies for Breakfast

Have you ever done anything like this? As a parent, I know, that it would be irresponsible parenting for me to allow my daughter to eat chocolate covered cookies for breakfast. I know and fully understand this.  My daughter would absolutely love to have eaten some of those cookies for breakfast, but the responsible thing to do, is have her wait until after she finishes a lunch or dinner, and then have a cookie for dessert, or maybe as a special treat, right? 

However, this morning, while she was eating her breakfast, I saw these cookies, they were chocolate mint cookies, and I knew those would be a good pick me up, as I was tired, didn't feel like fixing myself breakfast, and really, wasn't even that hungry.  See, last night, I had kind of a late night, and no matter what time she goes to bed, when the sun comes up, so does my child.  I was (and still am, so the cookies didn't even "pick me up" as much as I had hoped" so I grabbed myself a few cookies, walked out of the kitchen, and ate them. 

I know that this may seem like something silly to post about, but I was just thinking about the things that we do that we teach our children not to.  Despite the fact that I'm overweight (Yes, I know, the cookies are certainly not going to help that either.) I feed my daughter a healthy diet (though sometimes her breakfast does consist, at least partly, of a cereal with more sugar than it should.). 

I'm wondering how often other parents do things like this.  Do you ever sneak things that you know that you that you should teach your children to avoid? Have you ever had cookies and coffee instead of sharing your child's cereal, fruit and milk?

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  1. um.... yes! Totally guilty of eating junk and putting fruits and veggies on my kiddos plates! I usually fix thier breakfast or lunch and then sneak my snack for a meal. LOL Glad I'm not the only one. =)


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