Saturday, July 7, 2012

Potty Training Update!

So, I've written a couple of times about the troubles that we've had in potty training my daughter.  I figured that I would post a quick update in how well she is doing now!

It's kind of like she just got it overnight.  She still does have accidents (for the most part, only when she's asleep. )  on the rare occasion, but for the most part, she just has it now.

Now, if you know me, or have been paying extra attention, you know that my daughter is going to be four years old in September.  We tried so many things to get her to do it, but she just had no interest.  It wasn't until we got the potty-patrol diapers, that things finally started to fall into place and it just clicked.  It was a couple of accidents a day at first, and then it was maybe one accident a day, and then when she went a few days without accidents, that we switched her to underwear (except for while she's asleep, she is still wearing training pants to sleep, but MOST of the time, she will  wake up and go if she needs to, she does still wake up wet on occasion.) and the accidents have been far rarer.  I can't really even tell you when the last time that she had an accident while awake was.

My biggest piece of advice for the "late bloomers" like my little one, is to just try a few things, with breaks and no pressure in between.  We have tried pull ups, going straight to underwear, naked, and then finally the potty patrol diapers.  When one thing clearly wasn't working after a few weeks, we'd take a break, and take any pressure away.  Pressuring them doesn't help, and it turns the potty into a negative experience (let's face it, they are going to be using the bathroom for the rest of their lives.  Wouldn't it be a shame to make it negative for them so early on in life?)

Lastly, I know that, for me, there was a lot of negative feedback and criticism in having her potty trained so late.  There were a lot of people who understood and were supportive of the decision not to pressure or push her into it, but there were some, (who seemed to have an easy time with potty training) who didn't understand how she could possibly be as late as she was (which, really, isn't all that late. I know I've heard of worse.)

I think that, along with anything else in parenting, we all need to go with our own instincts and do what we feel is right with our own children.  I have said it before, and I will say it again, that I firmly believe that as moms, we truly judge eachother (and sometimes ourselves) too harshly and far too often. 

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