Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bad Customer Service

Bad customer service, not taking care of customers, and not owning up to bad service are my biggest pet peeves by far.

It seems as I grow further into adulthood I am noticing more and more how quality customer service is becoming a thing of the past.

I will explain some of the (recent) bad experiences that I've had, without actually naming companies.

My telephone and internet are through the same provider, because, well, simply put, they have a monopoly on our neighborhood.  Our internet (not just mine, I've discussed this with my neighbors also) keeps cutting out, and they refuse to do anything about it, and can't explain it.  It comes back on it's own, but, especially since, with a blog, I spend a lot of time online, this is extremely inconvenient.  This is honestly not even the worst of experiences that I've had with this company.   When we first moved here, despite frequent calls and visits starting in the first few days of living here, it took them over two months to initially hook up our service.  Then, when they did get it hooked up, they basically had to run a cord around the entire house, with the promise that they would, indeed, come back and bury the cable.  That was five months ago, and they JUST finally sent someone to bury it last week, and that was only because I got to the point where I was calling them daily.

Recently, we've also started having problems with our trash pickup.  They are supposed to pick it up every Tuesday and Friday.  Tuesdays, there are not usually a problem, but this past Friday was the THIRD Friday in a row that they just never showed up.  I called them after the first one to complain (luckily on this day, I called them early enough in the afternoon and they sent someone to pick it up), then after the second one, I gave them the benefit of the doubt because, surely they wouldn't mess this up a second week, right?  Well, I waited until later in the day to call, and the office was already closed.  Not only that, but there was no one to answer their calls all weekend. On Monday morning, I called them, and they offered to send someone to pick it up that day.  I said that would be great, but that since Tuesday was my next scheduled pickup, it doesn't help me a whole lot, and that, instead, I'd like a credit to my account for that day.  The lady on the phone agreed.  I happened to receive my bill on this past Friday, which, incidentally, was the third Friday in a row that my trash was not picked up, and the credit was never applied. I am at the point with this company, that, unless, when I call in the morning, they can ensure me that things will be better from here on out, I will be switching companies.

These are just two large examples that I have been dealing with recently, but it's not just the big stuff.  Even something the little things.  Like, a rude cashier, incorrect food orders, the people who tell me about all of the extra stuff that I must do to my car when all I am asking for is a simple oil change, all drive me crazy!!

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  1. Who's the service provider(Internet)? Can say on fb if don't want to post here. I know there are some reps that really don't care but there are those of us that get just as mad as you do when we see the crap that people have done to you. Sometimes all a rep can do is pass the info to the department that should take care of your issues and if that department doesn't do their job their hands are tied and all they can do is submit the information to their manager who sends a message to the manager of the rep that didn't do their job,but that doesn't mean that 2nd manager will do anything and not just ignore the email. It's very political and most reps are annoyed with the system just like you and when they say they are sorry that you have experienced those problems what they are really saying is: I wish I could go find that rep for you and yell at them for not doing their job. Corporate America sucks :(. With the trash thing our city takes care of all of that so I don't know how much it costs but we have gone a month where they don't pick up our trash(they only come on Thursday's ) and when we calls them they just said people are going to come by but nothing then thu just came back and we haven't had issues.

  2. I used to work in the Customer Service Dept of a company that provides cell phone service, as well as fiber optic TV, Internet, and Phone. When I first started, it was solely customer service about their cell phones. I moved into a manager position, and after my first year, it moved to solve the wireless problem, and then try to sell the home services. After a year of that, it became "Who cares if you solved the problem they called in about, sell them TV". By the time I got totally fed up and left, as an agent, they had to sell at least 1 TV a week or they would be fired after 4 weeks. As a manager, my team had to sell 10 TV's a week or I would be fired after 4 weeks. Customer Service was no longer even something we thought about. I hated that part of the job. I much preferred trying to help someone then trying to force them to buy a service that had nothing to do with why they called in.


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