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Closet Organization Tips for Independent Kids -- Guest Post

Closet Organization Tips for Independent Kids

Kaitlin Krull

Every parent wants their child to grow up to be confident and independent. Giving children small, manageable self-care tasks on a regular basis helps foster independence while freeing you up to do other things. Getting dressed in the morning is an important step on your child’s journey to self
sufficiency, and this particular step begins at the bedroom closet. Here are some clever tips from Modernize to help you create a child friendly, accessible kids’ closet.


The first step to an organized closet is, you guessed it, organization! Work with your child to sort out clothes into different drawers and onto different hangers according to item (dresses on one rail, dress shirts on another, jeans in one drawer, etc.). If your child knows where each item belongs, then she
will spend less time finding clothes and more time getting herself dressed and ready to go.

via Modernize

Make it accessible

By setting up your child’s closet at eye level, you can let her keep her independence when choosing outfits without sacrificing safety. Choose kid-sized plastic hangers and teach your little one how to use them, and keep the clothes rail at child height. If you’re worried about little fingers in drawers,
consider using open baskets or bins instead. This not only eliminates pinching risks but also helps your child to see exactly what is kept where.

via Modernize

Plan ahead

Designate a space in your child’s closet for daily outfits and encourage her to plan ahead. Hang a shoe rack on the closet door and label each slot with a day of the week, encouraging her to pick out outfits a few days in advance. This will help her to think ahead independently and will save you outfit
planning time in the morning.

via Modernize

Limit choices

Instead of keeping every single item of clothing in the closet, put away out-of-season items and rarely worn clothes to eliminate physical and emotional clutter. If your child has too many clothes (and whose child doesn’t?), rotate items occasionally to save space and make the most of everything you have.

via Modernize

Keep it tidy

A tidy closet is a happy closet, so encourage your little one to clean up any messes she might make during the dressing up process. Label your storage bins and drawers with picture labels if your child needs the occasional reminder as to where items belong. If your child is independently dressing
herself and clearing away when she’s finished, you shouldn’t need to intervene too much here. Just make sure to remove damaged clothes and items your child has outgrown occasionally to keep her closet neat and tidy.

via Modernize

Once you’ve set up your child’s closet, they will be all ready to go.

Just be prepared for more than a few interesting outfit choices!

Disclaimer:  This was a guest post written for Modernize.  The Mom Show does not hold responsibility for the thoughts reflected in this article, nor do we claim ownership over it.

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