Friday, May 4, 2012

Are Your Kids Hilarious??

So, here's what I'm thinking... You see in magazines frequently little blurbs.. something along the lines of "kids say the darndest things" 

I would LOVE to incorporate this in my blog as well...  BUT, I only have one child, so I would need your help!!  If your child, grandchild, or another child that you talk to does or says something funny that you think the 2200 people who read this might enjoy or get a chuckle from, email me at  And whenever I receive three or four of them, I will devote a blog post to those.  I will let you know when I post your child's antics!  In the future, I might be able to reward these if I get enough of them, I can do a favorite of the week, month, whatever, but for now, I'd like to do a trial run at this.  So think back, and be on the look out for what might make people laugh at The Mom Show!!

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