Monday, May 14, 2012

My Mother's Day

I love hearing about other's Mother's Day (*cough*cough*comments*cough*cough*comment on my post with what you did for mother's day*cough*cough*) so I figured I might tell you about mine!

My day started out pretty basic, as my husband did have to work the night before (as I've written before, he works overnight, but I was lucky enough to have him home yesterday and that was awesome!) so when he came home, he basically asked me if I'd like him to stay up, but I told him no, because I knew he was tired. Bt before he went to bed, he took my three year old aside and told her all about Mother's Day.  Then she ran into the kitchen screaming "HAPPY MOMMY DAY!!" Then I got hugs from both of them!  While he was sleeping, her and I went to church, came home and played for a while,and then daddy got up, and we went out for dinner and ice cream. After that, we went to the lake (this has become one of our favorite places to hang out as a family) and we went fishing.  Between my husband and I, we caught SEVEN fish.  We have been having a friendly competition to see who could catch more fish for the season, and I'm happy to report that I am currently in the lead. I am beating him by two!!  Anyway, I had a really simple day yesterday, with lots of time with my family. The days when the three of us are doing fun things together, no matter where we are, or what we're actually doing, as long as we're together and smiling, then it's a wonderful day!  

I have seen a lot of people on my personal facebook talking about the gifts that they received, some of them were homemade, and some store bought.  Some Flowers, and some jewelry.  My husband is going to give me the gift of a little bit of time to myself, he's setting it up for me.  For those of you who stay home with your kids, you know how hard it can be to just get some time, so to me, this is a perfect gift.

I would love to hear about your Mother's Day!  Please share in the comments!

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