Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Yard Sale Day

My husband really knows the way to this woman's heart. He came home from work this morning, and told me that there were TONS of yard sales today. Then he said "why don't you go ahead and get some cash from the ATM and see if you can get anything cool." He knows that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE going to yard sales, thrift stores, and flea markets. I love being able to go crazy shopping without spending a ton of money. 

Let me just say, Whew he was really right!! Today was a GREAT yard sale day here in my town. I probably hit up over a dozen (including a huge flea market at a local church!), within 7-8 miles of my own house and scored at almost every single one! Then, as I was running out of time, and realizing that I had to go home, I noticed 2-3 along the way that I missed!

 I spent a total of about $85. I got a LOT of high value stuff. I am so proud of my day. 

As some of you know, we moved into our first house, out of an apartment about 6 months ago. Having both a family room, and a living room as opposed to the small living room we used to have in our apartment, I had a living room with NO furniture in it.. A few weeks ago, we were given a display case that was the only thing in that room before this afternoon. I found a BEAUTIFUL love seat, complete with throw pillows that we scored for only $50!!! When we showed up at this particular house, he had JUST marked it down from $150 down to $75. Now, I only drive a sedan, and my husband, who drives a manual (that I don't know how to drive) Dodge Ram worked last night so he was sleeping. He told me that if I saw any good furniture or anything that was large, to wake him up about an hour early and we'd go together to get it. Knowing this, I told the man selling this couch, that if he still had it in a few hours to call me and I'd wake my husband up to go look at it. When he called me, I asked him if he'd be willing to go down to $50. He said yes! (It really pays to haggle at yard sales in case you weren't aware. Most of the time when they're having a yard sale, they want to just get rid of it almost as bad as they want the money, if not more, so it does pay to ask.) 

 The rest of what I bought was: 

3 different paintings for only $6 TOTAL.

Four ceramic canisters for flour, sugar, coffee and tea for my kitchen. They are adorable. All four of them together only cost $3 

A small chainsaw for only $10! (this was missing a battery, but getting a new battery will only cost us $40, and the saw itself retails for over $120!)

Three lighthouse tea lights for $5 total. (these are pretty big and they are beautiful!) 

Ten childrens books (including a huge "learn your letters" work book) for $2. 

A HUGE bag of children's sand and water toys (probably about 15 toys total) $2. 

An aerobic stability ball $2

 A mirror, butterfly wall hanging, and Dora Step Stool $2 total.

The rest of what I bought were small toys and little things (mainly to entertain my daughter through the duration of our time at these yard sales, that were paid with in change from my wallet. 

The point is, this was a BLAST, and I got some really nice stuff for my home and my family. We had fun, met a lot of different, and interesting people. It actually really tired out my little one also. She fell asleep in the car on the way home and she's napping again now. 

If you're into hitting up yard sales on the weekends, feel free to comment. I would LOVE to know what your best find has been!

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