Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I am going to be SO busy!

Hey guys, I just wanted you all to know, once again, that I have some super things coming up in the coming weeks!   I have over TEN products on their way for reviews and/or giveaways.  There's going to be a butt bench giveaway coming up.  I am going to be updating you all on my journey toward quitting smoking.  There are other things that I am going to start working on also that I want to keep you updated on. 

I am also going to be doing a GREAT Father's Day giveaway also!  I am SO excited about this!

I want to help us all to better ourselves, our lives and our families!  I am SO excited to be able to do it!  

As a side note, I just want to thank those of you whom have  contacted me regarding my upcoming journey to quit smoking.  The outpouring of comments and emails I have received have truly touched me, and it is definitely appreciated.  I am SO happy that I am able to share this journey with you, and am hoping that in doing so, if I can help to inspire at least one of you to quit smoking with me, than it's going to be so worth sharing with you.  

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