Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Quit Tea Giveaway!

Are you a smoker?  Would you like to quit? 

I have teamed up with Quit Tea. I am going to use their product, probably combined with nicotine patches, to stop smoking.  May 20th will be my first day without smoking.  I will be using quit tea, and posting every few days about this journey, and how/whether Quit Tea is helping me.

In teaming up with Quit Tea, they have agreed to give one of my readers two boxes of Quit Tea to help them to get started in quitting. 

Now, if you don't win, I still want to encourage you to jump into this head first with me.  I am going to stop smoking in 10 days. This gives me, and anyone who would like to quit with me that much time to prepare themselves. 

I personally, am looking forward to, and dreading this at the same time (if you have ever tried, successfully or unsuccessfully to quit smoking before, you know that it is HARD.)  But my daughter deserves a healthy mother and my husband deserves a healthy wife.   I picture myself a certain way, and that's not with a cigarette in my mouth and in my hand, and that's not how I want my daughter to see me either.

The reason that I am going to share this with you, is because I believe that bringing a personal part of myself into this blog will be good.   We all have struggles and vices, and I am sharing one of mine with you. 

I am going to challenge each of you who smokes to make the effort with me.  I will be posting about it regularly (in addition to my regular posts) so there will be a place for you to come and vent, and one of you will have some of the tea that I'm going to be using as well.  (Everyone else can request a FREE sample by clicking HERE!)

Here is where you can enter to win!


  1. My daughter is the reason I want to quit. I would hate for her to pick up the habit one day.

  2. Julia Prue PotvinMay 9, 2012 at 11:05 PM

    because I know first hand the effects of smoking, but yet the dependency still makes me want to smoke.

  3. I feel like crap in the morning, it costs too much, my grandpa, mother in law, father in law all died due to smoking related illnesses, and i dont want my kids to pick it up AT ALL!!!

  4. I quit almost 5 years ago using Chantix with no side effects at all. It was the easiest way for me to quit. Wish they'd come out with something like Chantix to lose weight. :-/

  5. I just received my quit tea, I purchased 3 boxes. I am ready to quit smoking. My reason is I am tired of not being the one in control. I am greater than smoking!


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