Saturday, May 26, 2012

Challenge for me.. and for you.

I have decided that today, I would like to challenge myself as a blogger and as a writer.  I also want to challenge all of you who read this.

This weekend, I will be checking my email, this post, and my FACEBOOK.  I want you all to give me writing prompts.  Whatever you feel like reading about, I will write about.  I will do my best to write about every topic and idea that is given to me.  You can either comment on this post, write on my FACEBOOK, or email me.  As I said before, I will do my absolute best to follow every suggestion, and it will all be posted about.

That's not all.  I will give away FIVE coupon envelopes that will be chosen at random from the people who suggest things for me to write about.  So whether you want a topic that you can learn something about (I will research diligently if it's not something that I know a lot about) or something that you will find entertaining (I will even attempt to write stories or humorous posts if asked), let me know what you want to read about and you can even try to win in the process!

5/28 update:  Since I am enjoying this so much, I am extending it through the week. You can now continue to challenge my writing and/or researching skills until Friday.  Please do this.  Challenging myself is really a big reason I wanted to do it, and hopefully in the process I can write something entertaining or helpful for you!


  1. Great places to buy shoes for kiddos on the cheap or something along those lines.... my kids need new shoes but I know during the summer they will be messed up super fast.

  2. Here you go :)

  3. I'd like to know how to write a good review of a product. I am a BzzAgent and when I sit down to write my review, I'm a little lost. When I think about what I want to say while cleaning or cooking or whatever, I have tons of things I want to say. But, when it's time to sit at the computer and compose my thoughts, I find myself repeating the same things over and over and end up with "good report BzzAgent...". I want to write an exceptional report. Any thoughts on this?


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