Saturday, June 2, 2012

I am not an extreme couponer, but...

I do love my coupons.  I love all of the new things we try for cheap because of the fact that I coupon.  I do it more casually than a lot of bloggers that you probably read.  Don't get me wrong, I love saving money, but I definitely don't have the resilience that others have, and I quite often forget to buy extra newspapers.

I do have a stock pile, but it's mostly shampoos, body washes, deodorants, dish soaps, cereal (but my daughter eats a TON of cereal, it's breakfast and snacks most days, so we go through a lot of it), and some other random stuff.  I still constantly run out of my husband's body wash, because he will ONLY use Old Spice.

I tend to save 30-40% on shopping trips whenever I shop.  This morning, I did a CVS run, and spent $49 on $80 worth of merchandise.  When I have extra money and extra coupons (my mom works in a convenience store, but she lives 700 miles away, so about once a month, she will ship me extra coupons.  This is where envies for my giveaways usually come from.  Which is why a lot of them aren't new...  Sometimes, you may receive coupons from me that are somewhat closer to expiration for this reason) I will shop every sale, in every store in my area. (I usually do this anyway, but I take it up a notch when I have extra coupons, I usually make a day of it, where my daughter hangs with my husband and I get some quality shopping time by myself.)  For example, two days ago, I got an envelope with probably 25 inserts from my mom, but most of them expired on THAT DAY, so I HAD to go shopping! I spent about $240 total for about $400 worth of stuff.

So, if you're looking for someone who's spending pennies on her shopping trips every week, and has a whole basement dedicated to her extra stock,  as someone to learn from, unfortunately you're reading the wrong blog.  I love saving money, and will look for various ways to do it.

In fact, my daughter already even has a certain love for coupons.  My husband loves hearing about the small amount of money I spent on everything we're eating as we're all sitting around the dinner table ("did you know I got this box of pasta for only $0.40 a box baby?").... well, he at least pretends to be interested... I love him for that...

But anyway, I would love to hear from you guys... tell me how you coupon, how much you spend and how much you usually save on your groceries (remember, you can comment anonymously if you'd like..)

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  1. I have a tendency to forget my coupons at home. I am just starting so I normally do not think to grab them. And you can imagine when at the store I cringe at the savings I could have had if I had just brought them lol.


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