Monday, June 11, 2012

Playing Catch up -- Why are you doing this challenge?

This is my second post.  For everyone else doing the blogger's challenge, this was their day one.  I just found out about this group this morning, and in hopes of getting the most out of it, I am going to try to play catch up.  

The question on their first day was "Why are you doing this challenge"

I love writing, I always have. I think that it is therapeutic.  It is a combination of that fact, and the fact that this is a wonderful source of "adult conversation", per se, that was the motivating force behind this blog.  It is a wonderful outlet for me, I feel like I can share a lot of different things, and I have been hoping to eventually, perhaps, make a bit of money off of it as well.  That last part hasn't really happened as of yet, but someday,hopefully.

Back to the original question, though, why am I doing this challenge..  Well, I remember being in high school, in addition to doing some of the normal things that teenage girls do, when I was going through a difficult time, or things weren't going right, I would write.  I remember talking to friends, and instead of gossiping, I was asking them for writing prompts.  I would get their ideas, and write the story, article, essay, whatever, and then have them read it and tell me what they thought.  This is why the idea of blogging was just so attractive to me, as I can basically ask you guys the same thing, and someone will throw out what they'd like to read about.  I am able to come up with my own ideas as well, obviously, but I really enjoy the challenge of someone else telling me what they'd like to read about, working on it, and sharing it with them, and everyone else.

So, when this was brought to my attention, I jumped on it, and joined.  I am thoroughly looking forward to writing about various different topics of someone else's choosing every day.

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