Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Meaning Behind The Mom Show -- Blogger Challenge

The Mom Show is the name of my site, and one of the Summer Blogger's Challenges was to write up a post about the meaning about our site name.

I don't really have some grand story behind choosing this name, so this post may not be the most exciting.

 When I first started this blog, just like now (It has only been three months, afterall), I was a full time mom.

Becoming a parent really kind of takes over all aspects of your life, and I have always figured that most of my writings would always be about my parenting. I also knew that, like a television show, I would have a lot of different topics within that main "genre" (I mean, there really are a lot of aspects of parenting, aren't there?) I have the occasional ad, affiliate, or sponsored/paid post, so like a television show, there are ads, commercials, if you will. So, like a sitcom, every time I write, it's about something new (usually, but if not, even sitcoms run reruns sometimes.).

It's revolving around my life as a mom. It's not just about my child, but also about me, the mom. There is a little bit of romance here and there, a good amount of kids stuff, but a healthy amount of "me". I know that there are people who can relate to the fact that, as a mom, there really isn't much out there that's "about me" anymore. I knew this when we first decided to expand our family, but it's nice to have this outlet of something that I'm writing for me, and for you. This is something that revolves around my family, only in that I write about them a lot, but that I'm doing for me.  I hope that if you were ever wondering, that this will clear it up a little, but if not, feel free to comment with questions!

 Disclaimer: My opinions as always are my own. This post may contain affiliate links. The Mom Show is not responsible for sponsors not upholding their promises and cannot reimburse you for items or the value of products.

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