Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blogger's Challenge. 15 Facts about me

Summer Blog Challenge: Catch Up:

15 Facts about myself:


One thing I'm noticing about this challenge, is that it's challenging me to think about and look at myself a little more than I might normally, and if I'm going to be completely honest, I like it. I have to try to think up 15 facts, interesting, no less, about myself.

1.) Before I was married, I was a jazz and contemporary music student.  I played jazz trombone. I had dreams of being a professional musician.
2.) My husband and I had a "quickie" courthouse wedding a few months before our actual "real" wedding (which is the anniversary that we celebrate, and our recognized wedding day)
3.)I suffered from Post Partum Depression after my daughter was born.  I don't know that it ever really completely went away.
4.) I am extremely insecure.
5.) I completely recognize and know, that I take care of my family, and almost completely neglect myself.  I need to work on this, and I am really not quite sure how.
6.) This summer, I realized how much fun fishing is, and now I love to go fishing!  I am actually competing with my husband to see who can catch the most fish, and so far, I'm winning!
7.) I am seriously considering taking up jogging.  (I have been for a while.. but... see #5.)
8.) I am so way beyond terrified of spiders, bees, snakes and other creepy crawlies.  Six months ago, we moved into a brand new home, that used to just be woods. So there are a TON of them!
9.) I love watching Days of our Lives.  I used to watch it with my grandmother when I was young, and now watching it makes me think of her.  But I would watch it anyway, because I like my daily dose of drama!
10.) I LOVE writing. I like writing prompts and challenges. My writing style makes writing professionally something that I don't know that I can't really do.
11.) I am really not good at it, but I LOVE to sing.  I absolutely love singing along to songs that I'm listening, and when I'm alone, I really pretend that I'm good at it!
12.) I'm really a TERRIBLE house keeper.  I do my best to pretend, but I'm just not your typical housewife I guess.
13.) This is probably the most I've shared about myself in a long time.
14.) I dislike winter and rainy days, purely and simply because I can't wear flip flops. I LOVE my flip flops and wear them on every day that it's physically possible.
15.) Back in 2010, I started developing my relationship with God. I read the Bible frequently to learn more about Him, and I'm trying to bring myself to live more in the way that He wants me to.

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  1. 1.I didn't know about the flip flops or the singing!
    2.You are a better housekeeper then I am.
    3.I love that we share #15
    4.I wish I knew how to help you see what a wonderful person you are so #4 would go away.

    1. Love you!

      You didn't know about the flip flops, really? I guess we learn something every day!

      And thank you!

  2. Love the summer challenge! Thank you for sharing, the website looks great!


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