Monday, June 4, 2012

Soda Stream Review!

Photobucket When I was given the opportunity to do a review for SodaStream, I jumped on it! This product was just so interesting to me, and I thought that maybe it would save me some money (my husband and I really drink more soda than we should.). Not only that, but let's face it, how cool would it be, to be able to say "hey, want a drink? I can make you some soda" when people come visit.


 Here's the product that I got. They included a TON of the soda flavors to try too, so I was able to really try a variety before writing this review.  Most of the ones that they sent taste pretty good.  The one thing that I'm really not fond of, is the fact that a lot of them (both diet and regular) contain sucralose.  Photobucket
One thing that I didn't think about beforehand, is how easy they are to store, as opposed to a bunch of cans or bottles of soda. The bottles take up about a four inch wide space on my shelf in my pantry for probably about 10 bottles of flavoring (which translates to about 60 or so liters of soda).  Can you imagine carrying inside and trying to store 60 liters of soda at a time??


My absolute favorite of everything that I received is definitely the flavoring for carbonated water.  It is delicious and refreshing (if you like regular sparkling water, you'll LOVE this!  These are considerably cheaper to make also.

My next favorite is the energy drink, it tastes great, and it really gets the job done too. My one suggestion, is that if you ever make a liter of this, try to make that last a little longer than I did.. I was WIRED after drinking it over the span of about two hours.. Plus... you know... the calories!Photobucket
  I would highly suggest checking this out to see if it interests you. If you would like to check out their website just click HERE.

You can also join the 167,000 other people who "Like" them on Facebook by clicking HERE.


  1. I love, love, love my SodaStream!!

  2. great review and I love sodastream too! Everyone should have one. :)

  3. My favorite is the diet energy drink!


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