Wednesday, June 20, 2012

For College Students and Their Parents!

I am writing tonight about a great resource for college students and/or their parents!

College was only 7 years ago for me, and I remember vividly what a huge expense text books were.  I really didn't have much money at the time (because, really, what college student does?!) and these expenses weren't covered under the scholarships that I received, so buying books really ate up my small income at the time.

What if I told you that there was a reputable way to rent your text books?   At Campus book rentals, you can do just that, and save a ton of money while doing it!  Here is an example of one of the many books available! Campus Book Rentals has rented to over a million college students, at over 5500 campuses!

Some other great things about this company:

-You can save 80-90% renting from this site verses buying your books new.  If you find the book for cheaper, they will do their best to beat a competitor's price.
- The company pays shipping BOTH ways! When you receive your book, they also send a postage paid package for sending your books back!
-They allow you to  respectfully highlight when needed in their books. Of course, they ask that you keep in mind that others will be using this book after you.
-They have flexible rental time periods as well.
-One last great thing about this company, is that they donate some of their proceeds in every rental to an organization called "Operation Smile", which is a charity to help children with cleft palates, which can sometimes render a child unable to smile, speak or even eat normally.

I really and truly wish that I had known about this site when I was in school, as it would have saved me a lot of time, energy and MONEY that could definitely have been used otherwise!

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