Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blogger Challenge -- Nicknames and why you have them.

As an adult, I really don't have any "nicknames" per se, however, there are things aside from April that I am called on a daily basis. In fact, sometimes I think I might forget what my actual name is, because I am so rarely actually called it.

As a stay at home parent, my husband and daughter are the two people that talk to and address me more than anyone else.

The first one, is obviously mommy. I am actually called mommy more often than I'm called this more than anything else. It's really my favorite "nickname" because of the sound of the beautiful voice saying it. There are so many meanings behind this name that are so very near and dear to my heart and touch the core of my soul. I am her mom, her caregiver, friend, teacher, mentor, chef, doctor, planner and so much more. I truly love the name mommy, and I put my heart into deserving this name.

My husband rarely uses my first name as well. To him, I have a few names, and April is very rarely one of them. Schatzi, baby, babe and cutie, are the most common.
Schatzi is the most common. It is a German term of endearment that he learned from a married couple that he used to spend a lot of time with (she is German, and he served in Germany with the Army, and for a long time, him and my husband were very close friends.), before we were married, he started calling me this, and in an effort to be flirty (and a little annoying) he told me that I had to find out what it meant myself. Well, once I found out what it was (I believe it originated from the German word Schatz, which means Treasure, and Schatzi is basically like an American "Sweety" or "dear". If there are German speaking readers out there, please absolutely feel free to correct me if I'm wrong)

I am sure in my younger years, that I have had more nicknames, none of which followed me into adulthood, or are even memorable to me now, but those are the two names that I carry, other than my own, that I love and will always be with me. 
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