Monday, June 18, 2012

Fit Moms For Life -- Book Review and GIVEAWAY!

I was approached with the opportunity to do a review on this man's book, and I jumped on the opportunity. I actually fully intend on trying his program out.


His name is Dustin Maher, and he is not only an author, but beginning a whole movement for moms to take better care of themselves, feel better, have more energy, and really improve the overall quality of their lives. As a mom who desperately needs to figure out a way to have that time for myself, to get in shape, and improve my energy, I was so excited to read this book and participate in his program. What I found initially inspiring, was the fact that this man got all of his inspiration from his own mother, who he feels sacrificed so much of herself, while teaching her four children healthy eating habits. He knew at a young age that he wanted to be a personal trainer specifically for mothers. After receiving the email asking me to review this book and program, I jokingly emailed back "only if I can attend one of his boot camps!" Of course, he's located too far away for me to do that, but that's how excited I was to learn more about this program!


Here's the book I was talking about. I really enjoyed reading this book, as it taught me ways that I can improve myself. I like that, while diet and exercise are the main focus in this book, but it covers so much more. Cutting time out for myself, sleeping enough, and most importantly, believing that I am worth it!


If you want a little bit of inspiration, and learn more about this book from Dustin Maher himself, check out this video!

The "Mindset" part of this book really spoke to me, about why diets haven't ever worked for me before. The "environment" part was important too. I learned that when I'm dieting and exercising, I'm not necessarily doing that wrong, but my mindset and environment isn't what it necessarily needs to be.

As if the information in the book isn't enough, the inspiration of all of the success stories is phenomenal.

In fact, if you go to his website HERE, you can see tons of testimonials that look like this:


I thoroughly intend on following this program in hopes that I might see some of the results that some of the people in the book and website have seen!

The best news is that one of you can win the opportunity to also! I have an additional copy of the book to giveaway! This will start 6/18 at midnight, and end on midnight of 6\25 Enter Below!  Good luck!!

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  1. I learned that Dustin loves what he does for a living! I also learned that I could download a free chapter, which I did!

  2. I learned that he would do anything for his wear a pink tutu!!! LOL! That was cute!


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