Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Give Your Child a Great Lunchbox from Lunchboxes.com

I had an opportunity to do a review for Lunchboxes.com. This is a good opportunity for my daughter, since she's starting school in September. I am giving her a gift of an adorable pink lunchbox with princesses on it!


It's the perfect size for a child's lunch. Not so small that you can't fit a lot of food inside, but not so big that it'll have a hard time fitting in a backpack either. The one thing that I wish about this particular lunchbox, is that the walls and bottom were harder. I will have to make sure to put her food into containers that won't get crushed. This is my only concern though, and it has a fairly easy solution. The benefits outweigh the problems, because I know that my daughter will just love this lunchbox. She loves all of the Disney Princesses, and her favorite color is pink.  I know that if I had given her the option, she would have chosen this one.

A little bit of information about the company:  Lunchboxes.com is the biggest online retailer of just lunchboxes out there.  They offer an extremely wide selection for children and adults alike.  They have great variety, feature a lot of your children's favorite characters.  Their lunchboxes are extremely reasonably priced, and they have a flat shipping rate if $6.95.   You are sure to find the perfect lunchbox for your child, husband, friend, or whomever you happen to be looking for.

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