Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Give the gift of HEALTHY Ice Cream!!


Yonanas is a really wonderful gift! For SO many different kinds of people. Whether you're someone who loves fruit, or you love a nightly bowl of ice cream, or, even better, both, this is a GREAT product that would make an excellent gift. For example, my daughter and I recently went out for frozen yogurt with our neighbor the other day. She got fruit flavored yogurt with fruit toppings, and it clicked that this would be a really wonderful gift for her (I really hope she's not reading this!)

Basically, what this product does, is take frozen bananas (or other frozen fruits) and use them to make a delicious and creamy (despite the fact that there's no cream or dairy) dessert that looks, tastes and feels like soft serve ice cream!

Here are the directions for using this directly from the company:

Banana Preparation

1. Purchase Dole bananas one week prior to peeling and freezing. Allow bananas to over-ripen (cheetah spots) should be fully developed on bananas.


2. Peel and freeze over-ripe bananas at least 24 hours before use. Freeze bananas in a storage container or re-sealable plastic bag.

How to Make yonanas

1. Making yonanas is simple! To ensure frozen fruit runs through the machine easily, we recommend you thaw the frozen bananas and additional frozen fruit approximately 7-10 minutes just before use.

Freezers are different and this will dictate whether or not you will run frozen fruit immediately through the yonanas maker, or need to thaw a few minutes. If storing fruit in a cooler with ice or dry ice, you will also need to take into consideration how cold the fruit is. If it is too thawed, the product is not as ice-cream like.

2. The yonanas maker consists of two pieces: the motor base and the chute assembly. Ensure the chute assembly is locked in at 12:00. This safety feature will lock the chute in place and allow the machine to turn on and off.


There is just one button! On & Off.


3. Insert frozen fruit into the chute and push thefruit down using the plunger. Alternate between pieces of bananas and additional fruit when pushing fruit through the chute to help blend the yonanas together.


4. It takes seconds to enjoy yonanas!


5. Remove the chute assembly from the yonanas maker base, unscrew the cone and scrape out any extra yonanas that might be there.

See how easy this is to use? The finished product looks and tastes great also. Cleanup is easy also, you separate the parts, and wash them in soapy water, or they are also dishwasher safe! Just make sure that each part is dry before putting it back together.

I highly recommend this is a gift for just about anyone on your gift list. It really is something that any of us can use!

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