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Best Ways to Gain Extra Space in your Home

Best ways to gain extra space at your home

If you have a small home, then you might be feeling a little cramped because your furniture and
other items are taking up a lot of room. The best thing you can do is use little tricks to make your
rooms look bigger while also understanding how to properly store items. This article will show
you how to maximize the space in your home so that everything looks better.

Extra Uses

Most rooms have just one use. For example, the dining room is meant for eating. If you want to
gain extra space, then you should learn to assign different uses to each room. The dining room
can also be used to store related items, or you can use the dining room for family game night and
other functions.

This maximizes your storage, and it also allows you to do several things in one room. This
means that every room will be used to its limit. Your items will be more organized since you are
intentionally designating each room for additional uses.

More Shelves

Shelves are great when you are trying to gain more space in your home. Cramming everything
you can into the closet or basement makes it look cluttered, and you often lose storage space
because objects are scattered everywhere. Shelving organizes the storage space, makes it easier
to find things, there is less visual weight and you can often store more objects.

You can add adjustable shelving if your storage needs are constantly changing. This means that
you can easily make a space larger or smaller depending on your immediate needs.

You should consider adding more shelves to other rooms. This allows you to store additional
items, and they tend to have less visual weight because items on a shelf look more organized
than items on the ground.

Less and Smaller Furniture

Furniture is often the biggest thing in any room. Removing all of the furniture makes a room
look much bigger, but you obviously want furniture so that you can use your rooms. The best
balance between the two is using fewer and smaller pieces of furniture. Replacing just a few
pieces of furniture will make your room look huge.

Functional Furniture

You should also consider functional furniture. These are pieces that are made with storage in
mind. For example, consider getting end tables with drawers. This gives you a small table for
drinks and other items, and there are drawers on the bottom for storing more objects.

This allows you to reduce the visual weight in the room while organizing your objects.

Necessary Items

Do you really need everything in your home? Most people throw their old jackets and toys in the
basement or attic. You might use some of these items again, but think about how necessary these
objects really are. The truth is that most families have an attic and basement full of things that
will never be picked up and used again.

Selling these items or giving them to charity not only makes you feel good, but it frees up a lot
of space. This means that you can store more items. You can also keep your main rooms from
looking cluttered.

Rearrange Rooms

Most people are scared of rearranging their rooms, but this can actually give you a lot of new
space. For example, you may have a huge living room that isn’t used that often, or you might
require much less space for your living room. You can move all of the furniture and objects to
another room, and make that the new living room. You can now use the empty room for an
entirely new purpose.

People are afraid of doing this because it means changing the entire organization and structure of
the home, but it can give you all of the space that you need. Just consider rearranging and
optimizing your rooms to give yourself more space.


Many people think they don’t have a lot of space in their homes, but you can maximize your
home by just moving things around and wisely using all of your storage space. This will make it
easier to store your objects, and your house will look a lot bigger.

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