Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Embarrassing stories!

I know that we all have at least one story. One time in our life where we did something that made us want to disappear (at least long enough for the red to fade from our faces!)

I could probably come up with a million stories, starting during childhood (like the time that I ran and pushed my arm through a window, shattering it; or the time that my pants fell down on the school bus.) through my teenage years (I think I was just constantly embarrassed from about 12-17.) and even, yes, sadly, well into my adult life.

Just two days ago, for instance, I was shopping at CVS. I bought just a few things, it wasn't a huge shopping trip (which is good, a lot of bags would have made this situation so much worse!). I was running late, and in a hurry, and well, I'm a little clumsy. The sidewalk ended sooner than I thought it did, and down I went, right in front of a lady sitting in her car. Now, I hurt my knee pretty bad (I'm still limping around on it.) and twisted the opposite ankle. To add insult to injury (literally!) I ripped my pants at the knee. The lady sitting in her car was really pretty sweet, she got out and asked me if I was okay, then she said she'd help me up but she was sick (at CVS picking up prescriptions) and contagious. I hate to say it, characteristically, this wasn't one of my better moments, but as nice of her as it was to make sure I was alright, I really just wanted to hobble back to my car so I could sulk at home!

Here are a few stories that a few of you have shared with me!

"When my hubby and I had just started seeing each other ( and you want everything perfect!!) We had gone to pick up some things at the store, all was well got out went to close the door and get my son out of the back truck door and then WHAM!!! closed the door and then turned right into the mirror! for me it's face height! Knocked myself right to the ground!!!!"

 "I'll share my best friend's, lol. When my friend was in high school, her parents got a new van that had those large pull back doors on either side. With both doors open and the the seats out of the car, my friend decided to do a bit of showboating. Her idea: To run full speed, make a flying leap through the car with a tuck and roll, emerging on the other side looking super awesome. 
After calling for her family to watch, she ran at the car full speed, jumped, and....missed the door. Her head hit the side so hard, she knocked herself out! Fortunately it wasn't for long, because she came to with her family still laughing."

And from the same person as the last one (and one of my personal favorites!):

"While I was in college, after a very bad day of receiving back a failing grade on a quiz, losing hours of work on a project I had completed with extra credit due to a computer error, and then breaking my shoe laces, I went back to my college dorm room to try on my new headphones that just came in.
And - then my headphones broke. I took out the super glue bottle, but it was jammed (I realized later I needed to pop the top first), so I squeezed super hard. I jumped out of my seat as the bottle exploded in my hand and was covered on my shirt. My shirt, btw, which ironically was a cartoon of a cat saying he had, "clawed and scratched his way to the middle." 
When I went to wipe off my shirt, I realized that the super glue was firmly gripped on my hand. I couldn't move my fingers *at all.* With no nail polish remover, I went first to the campus infirmary - which had just closed. The campus police was next door, and after laughing, they said there was nothing they could do but call the paramedics. Declining, I continued to make my way to the store near campus with the idea of buying a lot of acetone nail polish remover.
As I passed the science building, I realized that they would have lots of acetone! I went to a professor, who after getting in a good laugh, led me to the chemistry lab. The students, after good in a good laugh, gave me the acetone. I had to hold my hand in acetone for 20 minutes before the bond broke! "

From Miss Jackie's Views
"...I was at the funeral home for a dear friend whose father passed away. We decided to go outside to have a smoke, as we were walking along I tripped on the sidewalk. When I stood up I discovered my half slip had fallen down and was wrapped around my ankles. What made it even better was there were people coming towards us including the funeral home director who saw the whole thing. Pulled my slip on and started walking like nothing happened"

Last but not least!

Taking my daughter to the doctor in wintertime, slick parking lot. A car was coming, so I picked her up, only I started to slip. I didn't want to fall on top of her, so I managed to keep on my feet until I crashed into the glass door of the doctor's office, completely shattering it. We were both fine, but totally embarrassed."

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