Thursday, October 11, 2012

Let a Birthday Party Help save for College!

I don't know about your children, but every year around my daughter's birthday, between family, us, and friends, she ends up getting so many gifts, that end up just being more toys on my floors!

Did you know that, by throwing your child a birthday party, you could also gain some money toward their college education, instead? 

I have just found out (about two weeks too late, since we just had our daughter's party!) about a company called GradSave.  They encourage "No Gift Parties".  Instead of gifts, you offer the opportunity for your party guests to, instead, give money to your child's college fund!

Right now, they're having a Birthday Challenge, where if you earn at least $1000, GradSave will give you $100 toward paying for your birthday party!

Saving for our children's education is so important and helpful (so many people start their adult lives with so much debt as a result of student loans.).  Did you know, that if you save $25 a month, starting in your child's toddler years, that by college age, you will have $10,000 saved for college?  These parties would be such a huge great start also!

I know that a lot of the fun in birthday parties, is watching the birthday boy or girl open gifts, but I know that in my experience, my daughter would have enjoyed her birthday party just as much just getting to play with her friends, and the gifts were an added bonus.  We also had a small party, so for us, gift opening didn't really take a whole lot of time. 

To find out more about throwing birthday parties with GradSave to start saving for your child's education, and for more information about their Birthday Challenge, just click HERE!

Also -- If you like Sweepstakes, keep your eye on this company, because, shortly, they're going to be doing a $10,000 sweepstakes!

Disclaimer:  This was a sponsored post, that I was compensated to write . My opinions as always are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

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