Friday, October 12, 2012

Check Out mygofer!

As you know, I love posting about products, services and websites that can make a mom's life easier. This is definitely one of those posts! is a website that can definitely make your grocery shopping a LOT easier! You can pre order your groceries and items and then just pick them up at the store, OR you can have them delivered right to your home!

A service like this can actually add hours to your day (well, kind of. You're not going to see extra numbers on the clock or anything), by giving you the time you spend grocery shopping back to do what you please (or whatever needs to be done!

They offer grocery delivery in a lot of areas, and there are also stores where you can just pick up preselected groceries (imagine taking as much time at the store as you would at a drive thru window!)

I remember when my daughter was an infant. I wasn't sleeping, and she was a young infant during the really cold winter months. I wish I knew about this company back then!  Grocery delivery would have been a lifesaver!  Look at the image below (and click on it to check them out further) to see what they have to say about that particular time!

Mom to Be

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