Sunday, August 19, 2012

Coming up -- Monthly Movie Reviews!!

That's right, once a month (at least), there will be a movie review on The Mom Show now.   I am jumping the gun a little in sharing this with you, because I just agreed to do this, and ordered my first movie tonight.  But this is exciting.  Not only because it's something that I'm getting to share with you (I love adding things to share with you guys, it seems silly, but every time I grow this site, and things that I get to do and share for you, I get excited.  For a lot of reasons.  It gives you more reasons to read and come back, and it means that I'm growing, and I love all of that.) , and it's not because I get a new movie every month (which is cool, I mean, who doesn't love growing their movie collection?!).

More than the reasons above, I am excited because I made the decision upon receipt of that email, that I am going to implement a monthly movie night with my family.  With the hectic life that we all sometimes lead, it's so nice to be handed a reason to spend quality time with your family. 

I just wanted to share with you, that, because of you, my readers (because I would never get opportunities for anything if I didn't have readers to read about it.  Companies would care about what I think a lot less if I didn't have people to share it with.), I am getting inspiration for extra movie time.  I was talking about my husband as we were picking our first movie, and we decided that we'd make it a big thing.  We'd have snacks, watch the movie together, and talk about what we each thought about it.  This is good for you guys also because when I share my review, I'm writing about what we all thought about the movie, and not just my opinion. 

I am also writing about this tonight, because I wanted to share something so simple.  We all have movies (and even if you don't, you probably have cable or some sort of television, even local channels play movies, or a show you can all agree on sometimes. Even if you don't have a television, you obviously have some sort of internet connected device (I know, because you're using it to read this now!) where you might be able to watch movies, tv shows, or even you tube.)  It is very simple to implement a family movie night in your own living room.  Watching a movie together, and then talking about it (I think this part is especially important.  Anything that gets a family talking to each other is crucial to a happy family home I believe.) is a simple weekly or even monthly tradition that is simple to implement.  Surely you can find one night each month where everyone can stay home and watch a movie together. 

Like I said, I am excited about this, and I wanted to share it with you.  It's funny how something so simple, so small, can get you thinking about small improvements you can make to your family life.  I just wanted to plant the idea for each of you to set aside life a little bit, and schedule family time together.  Make it important, mandatory, and, most importantly, exciting for your family!  It's a little late for this weekend, obviously, but how about next weekend? 

If you read this, and do have a family night, or are planning on it, I'd love to hear about it!  Email me and tell me all about it!

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