Monday, April 30, 2012

Took a couple of days off.

So, I haven't been posting much, and I'm noticing that I kind of make a habit out of not doing a whole lot for a couple of days every week.  I have also noticed, that I tend to lose "likes" on facebook on those days more than on days when I am posting stuff for you all here, so I just wanted to take a moment to explain why on some days, I am less active than others.

The reason for this, is because, with my husband's crazy schedule, while he is home, I make a lot of my time family time.  We go do things that we want to do, and the things that we need to do, and we all relax together in between.  It's when our daughter gets extra snuggles, and our evenings (after little bedtimes when I am usually posting the most on other days), is when my husband and I spend time together, or he's using the computer (leaving me out of luck for blogging!! haha)

That being said, tomorrow he is back to work, I am working on the catchup of housecleaning so that tomorrow I will be able to spend tons of time with all of you!

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