Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Box Tops For Education!

Box Tops for Education
Have you heard about the Box Tops for Education program?  I don't have school aged children, but I have school aged nieces and I have learned that a LOT of schools participate in this program (and why shouldn't they?  It's a great way for parents and families to get involved in earning money for their school.  With all of the budget cuts a lot of schools are having to make in this economy, I think it's absolutely wonderful that there's a way for families to help, no matter how small it may seem.)  I don't know about your kids, but my nieces' school offers incentives for kids who are able to earn the most Box Tops (an incentive that they wanted enough that they have asked for me to collect Box Tops from 700 miles away!)  

But anyway,  I have just learned that the Box Tops for Education program has now made a way for you to earn cash for your school online!!!  With all the time we spend online anyway, now we can spend a little bit of time earning money for our childrens' schooling!  I am about to sign up for this, but I have a decision to make.  Am I going to support the school that my daughter will be attending in a few years, or do I support the schools that I have family attending now.. Hmmm.. Decisions, decisions. 

Box Tops for Education

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