Wednesday, April 25, 2012

40% Discount from Natural Vitality!!! Just for My Readers!!!


 Do you all remember the review and giveaway I did for Natural Vitality?

If not, you can find it by clicking HERE. (and you should, because the giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight!!! So if you haven't entered, please go do so!! You won't be disappointed!

After posting that review, I received a lot of feedback in comments, on my facebook page, and some private messages about how you all were able to learn about magnesium deficiency, and felt that a product like this might really help you.

Upon hearing all of this, my heart went out to you, and after seeing how well this particular product worked for me, I wanted to help all of you as well.  So I have been corresponding with the lady from Natural Vitality who offered the giveaway.  I asked her if there was any way that we could offer some sort of discount to those of you who wanted to try this product.

She is willing to offer each of you a 40% discount on the product!!  That's right... FORTY PERCENT!!  That's almost half off, an exclusive discount for my readers!  This offer ends on May 6th 2012, so take advantage now!!!

She has found that generating the coupon code has taken a little longer than she expected, but wanted to make sure that this was offered to you before the giveaway was over, so she has asked me to have anyone interested in this discount to email her at  and tell her that The Mom Show sent you, and she will instruct you on how to get your discount on this awesome product!

I really appreciate all of the feedback that I received on this particular review, and it led me to know of what I was able to do to help you.  Thank you all for your feedback!  I hope you will continue to give it!

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