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Loopeez Giveaway

MomGoesWild say's Loopeez are a must have for families with young children!

These are the Loopeez and laces that Jacob received

These are the Loopeez and laces that Hannah received

10 years!! That's how old my son is and that's how long it has taken him to learn to tie his shoes. It's not due to the lack of trying or because we didn't try to teach him. He just couldn't get it, and that's fine. Everyone is different. My daughter, who is 3 years younger, knows how to tie her shoes but she can't tie them fast enough. The school system doesn't seem to support "laced" shoes these days. Hannah came home twice with her laced shoes saying she wasn't allowed to wear them in school because she was too slow tying them. She is in Grade 1!!! I would have thought that the school would give these kids a chance and help them learn to tie their shoes.....but it doesn't seem that it's part of their "curriculum" these days. I remember being in Grades 1-3, and everyone had laced shoes and we had tons of support with tying them. I wonder what my mother would have done back then, if our teachers would have sent us back home with our laced shoes?

My son quickly caught on how to use the Loopez and it totally gave him the confidence he needed to learn to tie on his own. He is so proud and so are we! My daughter loves them too, she's using them to help her to learn to tie her bow faster and wants to take them to school so she can teach the children in Kindergarden how to tie their shoes before they reach Grade 1. That's my girl! Always worried about everyone else! :)

So what are you Loopeez exactly?

Loopeez are "shoe tying aids" that teach kids how to tie their shoes, by speeding up the learning process and getting rid of frustration. The easy grip on the Loopeez is great for those tiny fingers and they hold shoelaces in place. These shoe tying aids keep the shoes tied longer and the shoe laces stay off the ground. Learning to tie with Loopeez is fun! 

Loopeez are great for those with special needs

For special needs children and adults, shoe tying can be a frustrating process. Occupational Therapy & Rehabilitation patients often times need assistance tying or relearning how to tie their shoes. Loopeez shoe tying aid and our bi-color shoelaces are designed to be essential tools for teaching shoe tying, and in the assistance of rehabilitation. Loopeez act as an extra hand and the bi-color shoelaces are a visual aid.
Our shoe tying system offers a step-by-step system to teach how to tie shoelaces. We recommend using different color shoelaces (available in our store) so the child can learn right lace from left. Loopeez shoe tying aid enables children with Autism and Special Needs children to lean proper shoe tying technique so they will feel proud that they can tie their shoes.

Loopeez attach to laces and hold the “loops” in place, acting as an extra hand. Loopeez were designed for kids learning to tie their shoes but Occupational Therapists quickly realized Loopeez could assist in the rehabilitation of stroke and brain injury victims. Loopeez can also act as a shoe tying aid for people suffering from arthritis or who have limited use of their hands or are in need of help completing a bow.

One Handed Shoe Tying

1. Cross laces and pull
2. Place Loopeez on the twist
3. Push the shoelace tip through the bottom of the Loopeez hole and pull straight through
4. With one finger hold the Loopeez down and push the shoelace tip  back in to form the loop
5. Repeat with the other lace: For bunny ear method or traditional tying pull the second lace all the way through

If your children or anyone you know with special needs need some help tying their shoes - Loopeez is defiantly your answer. 

Here are some great ways to follow Loopeez on the net: 

Their website - Check out all the different styles of Loopeez and laces you can get HERE

Loopeez is giving away one pair of Loopeez. The winner has a choice of a girl swirl or boys army.

(Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free from the sponsor for my review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers)

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