Monday, November 19, 2012

You Can Use Coupons for EVERYTHING!

I know that a lot of bloggers write about coupons. Most of them cover the newspaper coupons, online coupons, saver card savings, and things like that. What I haven't seen many people write about are the coupons that you get in your mail. You know, the envelopes and papers that really look a lot like junk mail. I have been guilty of throwing them away in the past, but once I started couponing, and realized what they really were, I excitedly open those up and go through them every time I receive them!

I have saved money going out to eat with my family, things like haircuts, outings, and more. A lot of times there are coupons for home services and repairs, as well as vehicle maintenance and so much more (the things that you won't see coupons for in your newspaper!)

Another thing that is really nice about these kinds of coupons, is that a lot of times, you are able to support your local businesses and save money at the same time by utilizing these coupons. (Every time we get one, there are coupons for our favorite local delivery place. It is a small business that we like supporting, and you know I love saving money!

When we first moved in to our house, we got a few Lowes and Home Depot coupons inside of those envelopes, so we were able to do a lot of our new home shopping and save money. We also received mattress coupons, which were so helpful when we needed to replace two mattresses.

My family also goes out to eat probably once a week, and we always use coupons from these envelopes (and sometimes coupons from the newspaper too)

I guess, really, the point of this whole post is basically.. Check your mail! Coupons aren't limited to the newspaper and internet, and you can save money doing the same things that you normally do just by paying attention to what you're getting in your mail. I love saving money with coupons, and I love the limitlessness of it!

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