Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanksgiving. Small or Large Event?

Thanksgiving is coming up. It is right around the corner (and really a LOT sooner than I even really realized that it was! I haven't even gotten a turkey yet!

Someone asked me recently whether I prefer a really large holiday or whether I like a quiet, small family event.

Truthfully, I really love both. I like getting together with large groups of people that we all care about. We laugh, eat, reminisce and just have a great time.  People with children that my daughter plays with are even better, kids are playing and entertaining each other while the adults all just hang out, prepare/clean dinner etc.    It's really fun and just a wonderful experience.

That being said, there is also definitely something to be said for a quiet, intimate Thanksgiving dinner with our own little family.  Cooking together with hubby (We really enjoy cooking together, and it's something that we really don't have the opportunity to do often) while my daughter naps and plays, letting her help bake desserts, and then share a quiet leisurely dinner.  Praying and eating together while talking about all of the blessings in our lives.  We call family either before or after dinner and talk to them, sometimes we video chat (I love technology!).

Truthfully, I just really love the Holidays.  I love welcoming people into my home, but I also love spending time with my family.  Either way is just fine with me.

Your turn.  What kind of Holiday celebration do you prefer?


  1. We do a large event with our Church family then do a smaller one with just our household. We also do gravy and Biscuits instead of Turkey on our little one.

  2. I prefer a smaller one. Usually when they're smaller, it's not so much of a production.

  3. I like a smaller event with just immediate family. It's nice for other family to drop by....but not stay!

  4. I have only had smaller events - so I guess that is what I prefer


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